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Our approach

For most of our clients the journey of designing and constructing a custom built Villa is a once in a lifetime experience. During all phases of this process a large number of decisions need to be made.

This starts with the concept design of the property and ends with details such as furniture and the placement of art. “Building your own house” gives you the opportunity to own the property you have always dreamt of and fulfils all wishes you might have, so it is certainly worth the time spent.

From initial discussion to hand-over of your Villa will take around 1,5 years. This sounds like a long time, but “time flies when you are having fun”. 
Some of our customers want to be actively involved during all phases and visit the building site frequently and start looking around for finishing products, furniture etc from the very beginning, while others make their wishes and requirements clear and ask us to do a turn-key project. And turn-key is indeed turn-key. The Villa will be handed over with all furniture in place, a planted garden, loungers at the pool and champagne in the wine-cooler. 
At Baan Rom Yen you are in good hands, whether you want to be at site every week, or whether you will follow the process remotely. We have designed and constructed over 50 Villas, so we know the drill.
Of course owning a high-end Villa at the golf course comes with a price-tag….
Realistically speaking, the budget one should allocate owning a Villa at Baan Rom Yen is 30+ million Baht. 
Of course it all depends on your wishes and requirements, but typically when someone purchases a land plot of 3,500+ square metre, they will build a large home, probably with a garage & carport, storage & laundry facilities, a Guest house, maybe an external fitnes or SPA, a large pool etc.
After initial discussions we will be able to let you know the estimated budget. Once you have approved the estimated budgets our architects and engineers will proceed with detailed drawings which we need for the Building permit, contractors and to make the calculation of the final budgets. 
At Baan Rom Yen you are in good hands, whether you want to be at site every week, or whether you will follow the process remotely. We have designed and constructed over 50 Villas, so we know the drill.

These budgets are transparent and show allowances for all finishes, such as sanitary, kitchens, tiles, lighting fixtures, bathroom cabinets, wardrobes, or for special options such as Solar Energy, Central aircon, a Fitness or SPA room, Smart home features, Custom designed & built furniture etc. Also the management fee for the developer is specified, so no surprises later.
Once construction starts we will send  you a weekly update with video shots and pictures, so you can follow all steps from start to finish.
Together with our house lawyer we will be happy to explain to you what the implications are of owning land, setting up a company, owning a house etc. Of course you can ask your own lawyer to conduct a due diligence. We will be happy to support this process.
Smart living

Advanced Smart Home Systems with centralised and distributed control. Multi room wifi, audio, security, air, appliances etc


Our villas are built with the highest quality building materials such as wood, marble, granites, and ceramics


Combining architectural excellence with modern designs, we raise the bar for style and living comfort to another standard.

Amazing Location

A protected bird sanctuary - Stunning scenery and the unique ambiance of a pristine golf course and country club location

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